Manolo Marceno'


Director - Editor - Producer

I'm born in Caserta, South Italy to a couple of theatre actors Paolo Marcenó and Giusy Merolle, I grew up in the theatre following my parents footsteps. There I had the opportunity to meet several directors and I fell in love with this profession, even if only recently i decided to devote my life to it. Although the work scene in South Italy is challenging, Istarted working as a kitchen assistant and delivering pizzas at the age of 17, while completing the last year of studies at the technical institute for surveyors. After My studies, in continuous search for economic independence, i started working as a surveyor, following the excavation of a railway line for about a year before changing company and becoming a CAD designer. Economic uncertainty led me to change jobs again and I was hired by 3M, the American multinational. In fact I spent 4 long years there which I define as "years in prison". Even though they were not the happiest years of work, they were very defining and interesting years in my personal life. During this period my band, "Les Photonics" recorded several songs and performed in concerts throughout central and southern Italy. Finally after some time and luck I managed to secure a job as a graphic designer. This job gave me a lot of satisfaction and recognition. Once again with the growing crisis in Italy I was faced with my own crisis and a need for change, this time I decided to make the move to Berlin, Germany. Whilst in Berlin I experienced a real culture shock which thankfully had a positive influence on my creativity. I spent 8 years working as a chef in Italian restaurants and as a freelance graphic designer. Once again for personal reason I decided I needed a change of scenery so I decided to move again, this time I chose Galway city, Ireland. In the magnificent Irish fairy tale atmosphere, new inspirations and new ideas reinvigorated me. Here I had the opportunity to meet Lakshika Serasinhe, with whom I created a series of short films and music videos which is my true passion: "It is from the sound that images are generated". Currently I live in Galway where constantly collaborate with Lakshika and also actively participate in the city's cinematographic community. I am always collaborating on several projects covering a wide variety of roles including editing, directing, assistant director, production, casting direction, audio, lighting, etc ...